I couldn’t ask for better role models.

Cadet SSgt Martinez

Six months ago today i made the biggest decision of my life. I chose to come to the IDYCA where my cadre changed my life forever. They showed me how to be the adult that i am and how to take care of myself in the “real world”. I made it to the rank Cadet Staff Sergeant and it was one of the best accomplishments i could possibly do for myself at the academy. To the new candidates: take advantage of the little things like doing physical training. Don’t give up on your self, in the end you will be so proud of what you have done. Take as much information in as you can. Everything you learn here is very essential and important. I want to say thank you to all the cadre and staff for helping me to become the adult that i am today. I couldn’t ask for better role models. The cadre are the real MVPs. I WILL be attending the next class during acclimation and i will show them what it means to be an IDYCA cadet. Another thank you to my class 15-2 for setting the standard for class 16-1