Your school is one of the best things Idaho has going for their youth.

I do want to let you know what a very special place you have there. I know so many young adults are so much better off because of IDYCA. Your school is one of the best things Idaho has going for there youth. I truly believe this. Not just because my son attended your school, but because of the values you instill in these young adults who maybe don’t get it at home or choose to not take them into consideration. You and your staff’s time and effort it remarkable. Please keep on the traditions of IDYCA so that more young adults have a chance.  Also, please tell you teaching staff they are amazing. My son truly for the first time in school history, understood Math. Your math teacher is an amazing person, he said he showed a few ways to solve problems, and not just by the common core ways that amount to confusion. This is what our youth need- great staff and people like you and your amazing school. (My son) may not have said much to you or others, but I know our phone conversations go something like this- It was the best decision he ever made to come there. He actually said he can see himself at some point coming back and speaking, if granted. He would tell me about STC and ranking up, and of course the fun mishaps of competition. Once again, words cannot say thank you enough.