I will never forget.


one year ago today was my 1st day at the IDYCA and I really didn’t want to go. I was doing everything to get out of it. I’m glad that did not happen and I went. that was the best 5 and half months of my life my brothers and the life long friends I made. It was the best thing I could have ever did with my life. all the staff and tsgts and msgts that help me over come the challenges in my way. I thank my tsgts in the axe bay because I know we have the best tsgts i don’t care what anyone says we have the best for them picking me up and pushing me even when I didn’t want to go on and tell me not to give up on myself. I was going through alot at that time and I let myself go and because of my flight and my tsgts not giving up on me and pushing me i lost 38 pounds help cope with the lost of my best friend and found myself and my teachers teaching me things I could not have learned in the real world. thank you and there is one person who really helped me when I was in her office being a baby for the 1st months and didn’t give up on me and had faith in me till the very end so thank you for that Ronda Nelson-IDyca and being there. other then that thank you for everything you did for me IDYCA I will never forget.