…tough love is what we all need in life sometimes

Cadet Smith Success

Thanks to my confidence and work ethic I gained at IDYCA, I really was able to jump start my life in a big way. I moved out a week after graduating the academy. I work around 55 hours a week at 2 different jobs…. I pay rent and all of my own bills, I just received my drivers license. I amateur DJ for small parties…. I do stand up comedy …. I have an amazing girlfriend, I eat right, and lost a ton more weight and I still work out often. I go to church every Sunday and bible study every week…. Being able to have excellent customer service, perform comedy in front of 70+ people, and take the chances I do in life takes courage, I was never this out going and confident before IDYCA. Growing up in high school I had only 2 or 3 people, I could truly call my Friends. Now I have tons of people, around 15 people I can truly say Will be my best friends for life. I love life right now, it’s only getting better from here. Thank you IDYCA, you definitely made a huge positive impact in my life, tough love is what we all need In life sometimes. 😀

Updated 12/8/16: I Graduated with a diploma from IDYCA, and was part of 14-2. I wanted to let you know I joined the USAF August 17th of this year. I was selected in basic training for my performance to be part of the USAF presidential Honor Guard. I wanted everyone at the IDYCA to know that you were a massive influence on my life, and my decision to join the military. My life could never have been this Awesome without the IDYCA. Thank you.