The transformation…is nothing short of AMAZING.

My son’s own words ‘IDYCA gave me the second chance I needed.’ He was struggling in school, smoking pot and disrespectful at home. I had been asking for help with my son for YEARS! I asked several different school principals, teachers and counselors to no avail. I was desperate and at the end of my rope. With no where left to turn, I reached out to IDYCA.

The transformation is my son is nothing short of AMAZING. He struggled at first and was on the brink of being sent home until a teacher and a Tech Sargent spent some time and had a talk with him. From that point on, to say my son excelled is an understatement! His list of accomplishments while at the academy is lengthy. This was a kid who was on the wrong path and didn’t give a rip about anything until the caring dedicated staff at IDYCA provided him with structure, compassion and love. They helped him develop discipline, character and confidence in himself. They taught him what I never could; how to be a good man. There is no way I can thank enough or repay the staff of IDYCA for giving me my son back and giving him the opportunity to have an AMAZING future.