The staff at IDYCA fits my definition of hero.

…I wanted to take the time to thank you for all the help that you’ve given Christopher.  The changes in him are amazing and are so welcome.  I was very afraid of what kind of future he would have before he attended IDYCA,  most of those fears are put to rest now.  Of course there will always be something to fear, that is part of a mother’s job, but now both he and I can see the possibility of a bright future for him.

It isn’t just about the changes in Christopher though, the changes that have occurred in our family are just as wonderful to see.  We used to have to go around on eggshells, always on the defense, waiting for the next emotional or verbal attack.  We don’t have to do that now, and the freedom that gives us to just be a family is nothing short of miraculous.  What this program gives to families that cannot afford the expensive resident programs that are normally the only option, is truly a blessing.

The world passes around the title of “heroes” pretty liberally, giving people whose only accomplishment is that they are talented at handling a ball the title of “hero”.  I want to share my definition of a hero.  To me a hero is someone who puts others’ needs ahead of their own most of the time.  They sacrifice for others as a regular part of their daily activities. They are someone who cares about doing the right thing, and chooses to do the right thing, even if it is hard.  They also have the capacity to see the potential heroes in the people around them and to encourage each person to find the strength to become a hero themselves.  The staff at IDYCA fits my definition of hero. 

I couldn’t begin to thank you enough for the positive influence that you, the tech sergeants, the nurses, and the other staff members have been for Christopher.  You didn’t just rescue Christopher, you rescued the whole family.  I am forever in your debt for this truly generous gift…Again, thank you for being the answer to a mother’s prayer.