This school is such a great thing!

(From Mock Interviewer) It was my pleasure and thank you for having NF be a part of this great event! I appreciate it greatly! Yes, these letters are very meaningful to me and do have a great impact on me. That day that we were up there was so very amazing! I had several of the cadets that I interviewed, come up to me at the job fair and personally thank me for the advice I gave them and helped them with. It was kind of emotional and really hit home! They said that the advice I had given them, helped them out greatly on their remaining interviews. That alone right there just really made my day! Big time! Every time I have been around these cadets, they have always been so respectful, positive, motivated, and just so appreciative of everything! It always amazes me! I am also on the Orofino City Council, so I see the cadets down here from time to time and the help that they provide to our community down here is outstanding! This school, the IDYCA, is such a great thing! You guys really help these kids better themselves and help prepare them them for a good future! So, I would like to thank you as well Bob, for being a member of the great team there at IDYCA and helping these kids achieve, walk a better path, and become more positive, outstanding, young adults! Thank you!