…you have made a big difference in my son’s life.

Dear Idaho Youth Challenge Academy, I want you to know that you have made a big difference in my son’s life. He was in class 2015-2. Thank you for all you do to help our kids become adults! Here is an essay Ethan had to write for English class:
‘The Miracle Worker – 2017
Helen was eating off her family’s plates and when she was confronted that morning by Annie she stopped. I too, like Helen was at a point of being uncontrollable and stubborn headed. Idaho Youth Challenge Academy (IDYCA) was my Annie. The experience I had at the IDYCA was that I was also blind and deaf on how to get along. What the IDYCA was to me very similar to how Annie was to Helen. The Idaho Youth Challenge Academy is an air national guard paramilitary school. This school instilled good morals and a good work ethic in me just as Annie did for Helen. I was separated from my home environment to learn new ways to cope with life and stress. The IDYCA was my Annie giving me firm direction. When I would drop some cuss words, I would get 50 burpees each word. If we were caught looking around or not at parade rest in the lunch room, we would have to eat in a squatting position. I used to sleep the whole day away but then we were woken up at 5am every morning. My experience at IDYCA was to teach me how to cope with life. I learned how to push myself to new physical limits. I learned perseverance on how to keep going when things get tough. I learned I could maintain a 4.0 GPA through hard work. IDYCA helped me to learn how to cope with stress. The school really helped and pushed me to be a better person. They opened my eyes to the fact that life is tough but your attitude can overcome it’.