Giving up is not a option here, success is.

SSgt Rodriguez

(Addressed to future Cadets) I’ve been told some of you cadets don’t believe you’re going to pass English. I thought the same going into Mrs. Therien class, not knowing how to write an essay, spell correctly, read, or even pronounce words. I gave up before trying or giving any effort. I just thought to myself, I’ll never pass this class. Frustrated and angry at myself for not knowing how to spell or read. I decided not to give up. I became motivated and dedicated to learn and pass my English class. I had to put my trust in my teacher, Mrs. Therien.  I know she did the same by not letting me quit and kept pushing me forward until I understood the problems in our homework. I got better and better every day dedicated to learn something new in class to the point I could read, write essays, spell, and pronounce words something I thought I could not do. Proud of myself that I was passing her class and didn’t need help from her anymore. That I could do it on my own. I ended up loving English and the passion of reading and writing. When I had gone on to my regular school in English class, I was good and proud that I could keep up with the other students. I wasn’t embarrassed to read in front of the class anymore or walk up in front of the class and write on the white board when my name was called on to do so because I knew how to do those things already thanks to Mrs. Therein. Sometimes I think to myself what would I have done if I never gave effort in her class, gave up or didn’t even try? I would have been still struggling and wouldn’t know how to do English. But luckily for me I do, by not giving up and pushing myself every day in class to learn. Push yourself, don’t give up! Keep going hard right over easy wrong. It will be all worth it at the end trust me. You got a great teacher to help you accomplish English. Use her tools and learn how to pass her class. Believe in yourself that you can do it and your already half way there. Dedicated and motivation to learning is the key to get yourself better! If I can do it you all can do it. Giving up is not a option here, success is.