…has given him everything he needs to succeed.

I want to tell you thank you. What a wonderful transformation Kaden has done. I honestly can’t believe it. He came home strong and in my eyes is leaving even stronger. He told any friends that he had that if they smoked, did drugs or wanted to get into trouble that he no longer could or wanted to be friends with them. I’ve never seen him so dedicated to something and it defiantly did my heart good. He will be getting his driving permit when he gets back and starting drivers ED. He will then begin working while he’s deciding on a college to go to. He is hoping to decided as soon as he gets back so he can get in on Spring Football. He has so much self confidence now. He went in weighing 254lbs and now he’s in the 190’s. It really has given him everything he needs to succeed. I cant express my gratitude enough. THANK YOU!!