Mentor Agreements

MENTORS: After you have submitted your completed application, and have been instructed by our Mentor Coordinator, please read the following Photo Release, FERPA/HIPPA, and Visitation Policies. When you have finished reading, please scroll to the bottom and submit the agreement form.


Idaho Youth Challenge Academy (IDYCA) has my permission to release photographs, audio, and visual media of myself for marketing materials. I also understand that this information may be released by IDYCA to any source without my further consent, to include members of the government, news, radio and print media or in use in IDYCA’s information/marketing materials.



It is the policy of the IDYCA to release applicant/student information, records, and files in accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)/Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPPA). The FERPA/HIPPA requires IDYCA to provide “advance” information to parents, guardians, and students 18 years of age or older regarding information the program will release about students and to whom. The following information/records will be released in accordance with FERPA/HIPPA under the following circumstances:

  1. To other school officials, including teachers who have legitimate educational interests in the information.
  2. Officials of other schools that the student seeks to enroll in as long as the student is notified of the transfer of documents and has the opportunity to challenge the content (reference RCW 28A.225.330).
  3. Representatives of OSPI, the Office of the Attorney General, and the Department of Education.
  4. State or local officials if the disclosure concerns the juvenile justice system and its ability to serve the student, prior to adjudication, as long as officials certify in writing that the officials will not release the information to others.
  5. Accrediting/auditing organizations.
  6. Parents of a dependent student.
  7. Appropriate persons in health and safety emergencies.
  8. A person designated in a lawfully issued subpoena as long as the educational agency makes a reasonable attempt to contact the parents before complying with the subpoena. IDYCA must disclose to the maximum extent possible, student information to: a) law enforcement agencies, youth protective services, and health care professionals in connection with a health and/or safety emergency if the information is necessary to protect the student; b) courts and state/local juvenile agencies if related to the courts/agency ability to serve the needs of the student prior to adjudication. Persons receiving information must certify in writing that the information will not be disclosed.
  9. Mentors designated by the student and approved by the IDYCA will receive a copy of the Cadet Action Plan which contains various scores and results from the student’s attendance at the IDYCA, along with the names and addresses of the student and his/her parents/guardians. All mentors receive training and sign an agreement to comply with FERPA/HIPPA confidentiality.


  1. Once you are MATCHED or “matchable,” you are welcome to come visit your Cadet only during program scheduled Mentor Visit Days, as long as you reserve three business days in advance. “Offsite” means you’ll be able to visit with them away from the program; “Onsite” means you’ll have to follow the training schedule along with them. You are not required to visit on Mentor Visit Days, but weekly contact of some kind (postcard, letter, email, or phone, etc.) is required once you are officially MATCHED. In order to take your Cadet outside the campus, the following points are important:
    •  Your Cadet must be in good standing. If they fail their evaluations or require disciplinary action, you may be unable to take them off campus. You still may be able to visit but you’ll have to stay on campus. This is true even if you’ve scheduled in advance or are coming from a long distance, but it is rare that this occurs at the last minute.
    • You must RSVP for all Mentor Day visitations at least three business days (Monday – Friday) in advance with your Match Advocate.
    • If you fail to schedule your visit according to protocol with your Match Advocate, we cannot be responsible if you are unable to meet with your youth.
    • If you take your Cadet offsite during a Mentor Visitation and fail to follow the rules for offsite visits, you will be stripped of your visitation rights and considered for dismissal as a mentor.
  2. Offsite Visit Rules
    • Wear your seatbelts and drive safely. No motorcycle transport of cadets allowed, this includes quads as well.
    • Idaho Youth Challenge Academy (IDYCA) is a NO TOBACCO program. If you smoke or dip, please do not do so around your youth. Do not offer them any tobacco products. Do not allow them to buy tobacco products. Do not leave your pack or can in open view of your youth.
    • Do not drink alcoholic beverages around your underage Cadet, if you do this you will be terminated from being an IDYCA Mentor.
    • Mentor Visitations are for Cadets and Mentors ONLY. Unless there are mitigating circumstances, you should be the only person visiting with your youth. This restriction includes transporting the youth somewhere to visit with family or friends. This is not the purpose of your visit. You are forging a lasting relationship with the youth, not serving as their chauffeur for visits with friends or family.
    • The visitation must take place within a 45 mile radius of IDYCA. Do not transport your Cadet outside of this distance, unless specific written permission is obtained from the Director IDYCA. This is to ensure that in the event of an emergency we can get quick accountability of our Cadets on site.
    • You will have to sign your Cadet out and in when you pick them up and drop them off. So don’t just let them out at the building and wave goodbye. Park and enter to be sure you personally return them to IDYCA staff on time.
    • Be sure and re-confirm with the Cadre/staff that you sign the youth out with the official return time you must have him/her back. Schedules change, sometimes at the last minute. Even if a Match Advocate tells you a set time, confirm that time with the staff in charge when you pick them up.
    • Cadets are subject to inspections and drug tests any time they leave post and return. If a Cadet returns with “contraband” or a positive drug test result, you will be banned from visitation and considered for dismissal from mentoring. This includes tobacco products or the use of those products while away. They are also not allowed to return with candy or food products.

As an Idaho Youth Challenge Academy appointed Mentor, I understand and agree to follow the rules of Mentor Visitations as stated above. I understand that if my youth and I fail to follow these rules, I may be stripped of my visitation rights and considered for dismissal as a Mentor. I am here to spend quality time with my mentee and will return him or her at the time designated by Idaho Youth Challenge Academy staff.

I accept IDYCA's Photo Release policy and give permission for my photos to be used for marketing purposes. YesNo
I will comply with IDYCA's FERPA/HIPPA policy. YesNo
I agree to the IDYCA Mentor Visitation policy. YesNo