Goals of Mentoring a Student/Graduate of the IDYCA:

  • Create a positive one-on-one relationship built on trust, honesty, and open communication.
  • Maintain regular/on-going contact with the student throughout the program, helping them keep their focus and effort in building, implementing, and attaining the goals they set for themselves while attending the Academy.
  • Help the student understand and embrace the positive values and traits of a responsible citizen and a successful student, employee, parent, etc.
  • Provide advice and general guidance, as the student makes decisions and deals with the inevitable issues and challenges of life after they graduate.
  • Maintain faithful communication with your IDYCA Advocate/Case Manager to report how the relationship is going, how the Cadet is doing on their Action Plan, and receive encouragement, advice, and up-to-date scholarship opportunities for your Cadet.