What’s Expected of You as a Mentor for a IDYCA Student?

If you agree to be a Mentor for a specific student, or want to be considered for a Mentor position with a student that you don’t know personally, you’re making a commitment of time, attention, and some expense. We can’t quantify any of these, however, in terms of the potential impact you could have on a young person’s life, the cost is negligible and the rewards are immense. This is not a token or nominal position, and you can plan on the following:

  • Submit a COMPLETE Application providing all requested information.
  • Complete ten (10) online Mentor Training sessions (~15 minutes each).
  • Attend mandatory training session prior to class week ten. Sessions are offered both regionally and at the IDYCA Campus in Pierce. Training opportunities are normally scheduled the second or third weeks of February and August. Dates/Time/Locations are listed on the Calendar of Events page or by contacting the IDYCA Mentor Coordinator, Dan Drover at (208) 464-1467.
  • The IDYCA staff will review the application, perform a reference check, and coordinate the required criminal histories background check.
  • Maintain weekly contact with the student/Mentee during the Residential Phase, primarily by letter or e-mail. You will be invited to attend graduation for your student/Mentee.
  • Coordinate and make at least one face-to-face visit with your youth during the Residential Phase, during either a program scheduled visitation in Pierce, or during the scheduled home pass in the youth’s hometown. (Three onsite Mentor Days are scheduled each class. The Mentor Coordinator will contact each Mentor with specific Mentor Days dates and times, after acceptance as a Mentor.)
  • *After graduation*, maintain weekly contact with the student/Mentee for the next 12 months, with a minimum of four hours of personal contact each month.
  • Once a month, you will submit a brief online report of the student/Mentee’s progress.

*This is when the student/Mentee needs you the most, and when good mentoring is critical to their continuing and future success.