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If you meet the Eligibility requirements, you may complete our quick Pre-Application form below.

Submitting this Pre-Application form does not mean you have “applied.” Once you submit this form, you will be taken to our Application Instruction page, where you will be able to download the complete application forms.

NOTE: IDYCA accepts applications year-round. If you are anxious to have the opportunity at a specific class, understand that for a 150-bed Academy, we will receive around 200 – 300 applications. Acceptance will be considered on a “first-come, first-served” basis. That means you need to begin your application process AS SOON AS YOU KNOW YOU MAY BE INTERESTED. (An application does not obligate you to attend, it simply opens a choice for you to make should you be selected.) After completing this form and being directed to our Application Instructions page, immediately download the documents and submit the first five (5) forms to the Admissions Office immediately. The submission date establishes a start date used in reviewing completed applications. Then begin work on the rest of the application. The Admissions Panel will not consider your application until it is COMPLETE.

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  • Submission of this Pre-Application form DOES NOT mean you have "applied" for admission. It only tells us that you are interested in participating in the program.
  • After you click the "Send" button, go to your email, as we have automatically sent you a link to the full Application Packet. All pages of the packet must be completed in their entirety, to be considered for acceptance.
  • DO NOT wait until you are finished with the entire Application Packet before you send it to us. Send in the individual pages as you complete them.
  • We strongly recommend you fill-out the application packet as soon as possible, as we are filling up the next class, and are likely to have a waiting list.
  • Be sure to watch for emails from our Admissions Counselor, which will give continual guidance on what forms and information we need, in order to extend an invitation to attend the Academy.

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