Mandatory Orientations

Watch our Calendar of Events page or Facebook Events Calendar for regional Orientation dates.

When invited to attend a scheduled Orientation, you will receive the information and reminders by email. We expect that the applicant, and at least one parent or guardian, attend.

During Orientation youth should be prepared to:

  • Have a personal interview with an IDYCA staff member or representative.
  • Participate in a brief “Cadet Life” experience, supervised by IDYCA Cadre staff.
  • Sign application forms critical to being considered for acceptance.

During Orientation, at least one Parent or Guardian should be prepared to:

  • Attend a presentation about the academic program at the Academy.
  • Work with Admissions staff, and other IDYCA staff members, to complete the documentation required to register and enroll your youth.
  • Participate in a briefing designed specifically for IDYCA parents to help with such things as:
    • Coping with distance from your youth during the Residential Phase.
    • Networking tools for you and other parents.
    • Resources for you and your youth.
    • Helpful tips from past IDYCA parents and youth.

Orientation is a great opportunity to learn about IDYCA, our mission and our commitment to helping Idaho’s youth get back on track. All the paperwork and information necessary to complete the application process is available to families and stakeholders. Anyone interested is invited to attend.