Mandatory Orientations

Watch our Calendar of Events page or Facebook Events Calendar for regional Orientation dates.

If invited to attend a scheduled Orientation, you will receive the Orientation Packet. All documents in the packet require a signature from the youth applicant, and some will require signatures from the parent/guardian also. At least one parent or legal guardian must be present at Orientation.

During Orientation youth should be prepared to:

  • Provide proof of Identification, in order to receive FREE notary services on a required document.
  • Have a personal interview with a IDYCA staff member or representative.
  • Participate in a brief “Cadet Life” experience, supervised by IDYCA Cadre staff.
  • Provide a urine sample for a preliminary drug test.
  • Attend mentorship training, for both the parent and student.
  • Review and complete all Agreements and Understanding documentation.

During Orientation, at least one Parent or Guardian should be prepared to:

  • Attend a presentation about the Academic program at the Academy.
  • Work with Admission, and other IDYCA staff members, to complete the documentation required to register and enroll your youth.
  • Provide proof of Identification, in order to receive FREE notary services for a required document.
  • Attend mentee training in order to better understand the mentoring and Post Residential commitment you and your youth are about to make.
  • Participate in a brief seminar designed specifically for IDYCA parents to help with such things as:
    • Coping with distance from your youth during the Residential Phase.
    • Collaborative changes you and your youth can begin to make and continue to make for Post Residential transition and success.
    • Networking tools for you and other parents.
    • Resources for you and your youth.
    • Helpful tips from past IDYCA parents and youth.

Finally, Acceptance Packets will be issued to all applicants who successfully complete the day’s activities and successfully participate in a drug screening.