Application Instructions

Thank you for your submitting your Pre-Application.
You will be contacted by Admissions Staff shortly.

As classes fill-up quickly, we encourage you to immediately download and begin completing the application forms below. If you have questions, please contact Admissions Staff listed on the front of the Application Packet.

COMPLETE APPLICATION PACKET: Click on the link below to download the Youth, Mentor & Medical Screening Application packets. See complete instructions below the ‘Helpful Documents.’ Fax, email or mail the pages to us as you complete them.

HELPFUL DOCUMENTS: Other documents you may find useful in preparing and submitting your IDYCA Medical/Dental Screening Application packet:

Instructions for filling-out the Idaho Youth ChalleNGe Academy (IDYCA) Applications:

STEP ONE: Please complete the Personally Identifiable Information Form, Open Enrollment Form and Forms 1 – 7 of the Youth Application (included in the “IDYCA Youth, Mentor & Medical Screening Application Packet” link above) leaving no questions blank. Submit these along with a copy of your US birth certificate or INS Proof of Permanent Residency card (I-551) immediately to the address below. Please use the checklist on Page 3.

Idaho Youth ChalleNGe Academy
Main Campus
117 Timberline Drive
Pierce, ID 83546
Phone: (208) 464-1491
Fax: (208) 464-1444

  • Unless otherwise noted, all forms should be filled out legibly by the youth applicant and then signed and dated by both the youth and parent/guardian(s) where indicated.
  • Always make copies of everything you mail for your own records. These forms may be submitted to an admissions staff at a scheduled Regional Orientation, mailed with a receipt of delivery or we can accept these forms via fax or email (above).
  • Once you have submitted Step 1, begin Step 2 immediately.
  • IDYCA admissions staff will review your initiated application (from Step One) and contact you within 48-hours of receiving your forms.

STEP TWO: Begin compiling the remaining requirements, which include the Medical/Dental Screening Application and Mentor Application forms (also included in the “IDYCA Youth, Mentor & Medical Screening Application Packet” link above). Applications are not considered “Complete” until both steps are submitted.

  • Completed IDYCA Applications will be submitted to an “Admissions Panel”.
  • Selection is based on meeting our criteria with the oldest and most at-risk chosen first.
  • If your application is recommended for pre-acceptance,  you and your parent/guardian(s) will be invited to attend a Mandatory Orientation, scheduled at least two-weeks prior to the class start date.

WAITING LIST: Due to the volume of applications we will receive for our limited openings each class cycle, IDYCA may consider any current and new applications to be placed on a “waiting list” for future classes. Applicants selected for the waiting list will be considered “alternate status” for the subsequent class cycle. This means if any invited applicants decline their spot, fail to maintain their eligibility, or are dismissed during the Acclimation Period, “alternates” may be called to fill their spot.

Please read the application checklist provided in the Youth Application carefully and follow all the instructions there EXACTLY. Do not wait to be contacted to submit “Step Two” of the application process. Only completed applications will be considered for the waiting list.